Harley Quinn x Suicide Squad Nail Art

Staff / 02 Mar, 2020

2016 is going to be an epic year for comic book movie adaptations so I really have my work cut out for me. I realised today that I’ve never done Deadpool and the shame swept over me pretty fast. I’m no stranger to a bit of Harley Quinn Nail Art but with her latest incarnation and updated look from Suicide Squad, I thought it was a good time to create an fresh nail art look to go along with it. It’s a nice mix of the old and the new with her ombre pigtails inspiring the gradient and the classic harlequin pattern throwing back to the old school. On a slightly unrelated note, I just want to put it out there that I kind of called Batman vs. Superman last time I painted some Harley Quinn nail art a few years ago. Even though, at the time, I was doubtful that Batman would ever appear in a Zach Snyder movie, turns out I had no reason to second guess my clairvoyant capabilities. ‘I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for another Batman reboot in the future. Preferably with Zach Snyder directing but he’s on that whole Man of Steel thing so that doesn’t seem very likely. Can you imagine his slow-mo scenes in a Batman movie… heaven! Hey, a fangirl can dream!’ – Superheroes Challenge: DC Villian… Harley Quinn (June 2012) Turns out dreams can come true. I have my fingers crossed for plenty of that famous Snyder-slo-mo in Batman vs. Superman!

Source: http://thenailasaurus.com

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