Tiger’s Eye Nail Art Tutorial | No Gel & No Magnets!

Staff / 02 Mar, 2020

My Google Alert for ‘nail art’ paid off nicely a little while ago when I saw an article about Katy Perry’s Tiger’s Eye nail art. Sure, it was on the Daily Fail but I couldn’t resist clicking to see the pretty! From what I gather, her nail tech created the looking using magnetic gel polish.

Now I love gel polish when the feeling’s right, but when it comes to nail art, I prefer working with regular nail polish – it’s just a medium that I’m more familiar with and if it turns out to be a complete fail it’s nice and easy to remove.

In case you’re not quite sure what I mean by Tiger’s Eye, it’s a gemstone that’s normally brown in colour with distinct iridescent stripes running through it which glint beautifully in the light. I wanted to create a similar look on my nails but with a little twist on the colour.

After a bit of trial and error, I came up with a technique which is not far off the way you would create regular gradient nails. It just requires a little more precision.

Source: http://thenailasaurus.com

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